Secure Your Facilities, Employees and Financial Assets

Due to ever-increasing threats to data security, it can be difficult to stay one step ahead of criminals and keep your facility, employees and financial assets safe and secure. Argen Private Security therefore offers unarmed security guards and customer-centric commercial security services for different facilities such as retail branches, data centers, corporate offices, commercial floors and private vault areas. 


Comprehensive Security Solutions

There is no room for error while protecting the lives of employees and securing financial assets. At Argen Private Security, we offer integrated financial security services that include the right technology and physical security for your facility's needs. 

Our security programs for financial institutions include the highest level of security services related to access control, entry and exit monitoring, after work protection, patrol and alarm monitoring. We also offer risk advisory that focus on threat assessments, situation analysis and meticulous planning for a proactive approach to risk assessment. 

To provide customer service in the entrance area with specially selected and trained security consultants for financial environments.

Protect facilities access points and manage visitor circulation with visitor management technologies, access control systems and video solutions.

Keep your managers and staff safe with personal protection operations and specialist training. 

To ensure the continuity of ongoing business transactions. Increase situational awareness, protect assets, identify intrusion and detection monitoring and response, and security breaches and incidents.

Proactively reduce incidents, increase reaction speed and gain value from safety expenditures with an integrated workforce management platform.

Protect your premises with continuous surveillance by security robotic services and remote video surveillance.