A Safe and Secure Community

Property developers, owners, require professional security planning and protection to minimize the risks of theft, vandalism, property damage and litigation. From the protection of housing properties under construction to medium and high-rise properties, multi-storey houses, private properties, Argen Private Security is committed to creating customized security solutions that meet the unique needs of residential customers. 


We Are the Eyes and Hearing Ear of Your Neighborhood

We know that security experts often serve as the first and last impression of your community, complex or building. That's why Argen Private Security experts have been trained to help your brand image and promote privacy and convenience. 

Luxury Housing Specialists

Argen Private Security offers highly trained security experts on the unique needs of residential high-rise buildings and luxury properties. Our Fire / Life Safety / Safety Accident Prevention / First Aid Procedures trainings provide our staff qualities under below:

To respond promptly and effectively to emergency situations such as fires and other threats, evacuation of residents, liaison and guidance with emergency units

Effective preventive controls and accident prevention patrol systems to prevent the occurrence of fire and other threats

Welcoming residents and visitors in an accessible and friendly way

Receiving, forwarding and delivering packages

Modern uniforms that reflect the shine of your facility

Controlling residents, managing visitor lists and providing visitor access