How Safe Is Your Facility or Factory?


ARGEN PRIVATE SECURITY SERVICES understand the security challenges of your industry and offer industrial security services customized to your facility needs and specific objectives. With our superior corporate safety record and industrial safety expertise, we have the depth and breadth of capabilities to become your total facility safety partner. 


Our industry experts work with each customer to develop a comprehensive and integrated security program that prioritizes employee safety, protects assets, and leverages technology solutions designed to optimize your security operations and support business objectives. 

Industrial Security Specialists

 Our experts are trained not only to recognize safety hazards but also to take appropriate measures to respond. They can also provide additional value by performing other industrial security services,


 Such as:

Fire Extinguisher Controls

Visitor Wellcoming, Registration and Routing

Logging of Employees

Accompanying Visitors

Inspection of Lighting System  

Conducting the Job Safety Analyses ( jsa ) and Give Proper Trainings.

Managing Emergency and Weather Preparedness Planning

Loss Prevention Support İncluding Employee or Visitor Searchs

Deployment of the Mails and Packages